The 5 Stages of Dealing With Grief

Whether it’s the death of someone you love, the end of a marriage, or even the loss of a close friend, feeling grief is a natural emotion. Although it is painful, grief should not be viewed as a negative emotion. However, there are two ways: healthy and unhealthy ways that you can deal with grief.

Grief is the natural results of any loss of something that is dear to us, a marriage, or even a family home to a flood. People often react to these life altering events in various ways such as sadness, anger, denial, , and even depression.

In order to deal with grief in a healthy way, it’s helpful to understand the 5 stages of grieving:

1. Denial

The first stage, denial, is one that most of us are familiar with since it’s the first feeling one often feels after losing someone dear to us. Simply denying that the even has occurred is our initial response to dealing with the loss.

2. Anger

The second stage, anger, typically follows denial and can be a quite powerful stage. During this stage, a human tenders to becomes angry over the loss. Sometimes the anger will be directed toward the person who died, a third party, or the anger can even be directed at yourself.

3. Bargaining

The third stage, bargaining, is where you try to figure out ways to get back what was lost. If your grief is a result of a death of a loved one, upon realizing that there really is no way to get that person back, it can lead to the fourth stage, depression.

4. Depression

The fourth stage, depression, is the stage where a person feels deep sorrow and feelings of hopelessness because there is no way to get back what has been lost. This can lead to physical distress such as high blood pressure, insomnia, and even loss of appetite. Emotional release is important during this stage to ensure a healthy recovery from the loss.

5. Acceptance

At the fifth stage in the grieving process, one begins to accept that the loss has occurred. At this point, a person can begin looking for meaning in other relationships and areas of life.

Regardless of your reaction to a loss, it is vital to progress through the stage of grief. Unfortunately, it’s not something that anyone else can do for you. Only you can accept what has happened and make a conscious effort to deal with the loss in a healthy way.


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