5 Grief Recovery Ideas

Recovering from grief has no set order or method. It all depends on the individual person, what type of grief (how their loved one died), their social and cultural background and their emotional stability at the time of the death of their loved one.

Here are five practical ideas of recovery that will help in some way to get you past some of the pain and on your way to recovery.

  • Take a walk each day and appreciate the natural things around you and your surroundings. Somehow the outdoors provides a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • Talk with as many people as you feel comfortable talking to especially with someone who is a good listener and has empathy to your situation.
  • Create a scrapbook that will keep the memories alive of your loved one. Share it with those who care about your loss. Cut out pictures and anything that reminds you of them. Let each picture tell a story.
  • Revisit your dreams and goals before your loved one passed away. This will reveal your thoughts and fears and help you to see what changes need to be made for your future.
  • Plan to do at least one thing each day. It doesn’t have to anything difficult. You will experience low energy at this time and it is important to keep your energy up.

Also do see 5 Misconceptions About Grief


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