How Learn to say No can help heal grief

Learn to say No? This tends to be especially difficult for women but can be challenging for all.  Grief is exhausting.  Healing from grief consumes a huge amount of emotional, mental, and physical energy.  There may be some things that have to do be done and can’t be put off until we work through the grieving process – going to work, taking care of children or pets, paying the bills, looking for new work, legal and practical decisions (especially after a death or divorce), etc.  However, there are many things we can say no to for a while.

Dinner or lunch invitations, joining yet another committee, the need to keep the house perfectly clean, moving or making other big changes for a while and so much more.

Say yes to giving yourself time and space to care for yourself.  Say yes to giving yourself permission to experience your pain and to heal.


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