What Does Spiritual Wellness Mean?

Life is full of challenges. Your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness is important for balance during these challenges. People may be conscious of spiritual wellness, but not know what spiritual wellness means. Without an understanding of spiritual wellness, a part of the overall balance is missing. And it’s necessary for the handling of your many challenges.

Spiritual wellness requires a commitment by a person to undertake a journey for inner understanding; to question a purpose in life; and to answer “Who am I?” This journey may take shape through prayer, seminars, meditation, and interactions with others to understand one’s journey.

True spirituality is a journey that does not occur instantaneously. It continuously evolves. On the journey of spirituality, a foundation of self knowledge, acceptance and the adaptation of a belief system is forged. As this foundation builds and strengthens, the individual becomes healthy and balanced in their spirituality.

Without spiritual wellness, when crises occur, the temptation exists to become depressed, defeatist. This emotional imbalance impacts overall balance causing the overall crisis to worsen. The crisis can become overwhelming and a person may give up, instead of pushing through and onward. A simple situation can quickly become a life-threatening crisis without hope for a positive outcome.

Many people beat incredible odds because of their positive attitudes and faith. People around them, including doctors, gave them little or no odds of wellness. Yet they get well and continue in life. Spiritual wellness is often the foundational reason given to explain people’s ability to self-cure when all others have given up.


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