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Suggested Ways of Helping a Grieving Co-worker

Being supportive of a co-worker or employee who is grieving a loss can be very helpful for the grieving person. Knowing friends, family, co-workers and employers are thinking of them and wishing them support can provide comfort to someone grieving a loss.

Here are some suggestions of ways to help a grieving co-worker. Continue reading


10 Things To Help You Deal With The Pain Of Grief

1. Writing a journal helped many express themselves in a way that they couldn’t verbally. The real deep and dark side of grief I wrote down. It was an immensely therapeutic process.

2. Life WILL BE upside down for you. However, as much as possible, try and carry on your routine, its vitally important to keep some parts of your life as close to normal as possible.

3. Find time to both face your thoughts and fears and balance this with a time to relax a little and escape those fears. This gives you an element of control over something that you feel powerless against. Continue reading

How Three Changes Can Reshape Your Grief

Grief is seldom considered a growth experience, especially when you are grieving. However, since the nature of grief changes over time, and we realize it is an ongoing process not a static place to stay, the realization hits that somehow we have to adapt. But how? Life is devoid of meaning and just isn’t the same anymore. And that is exactly your point of departure in growing through grief and using the experience as a steppingstone and not a stumbling block. Continue reading

What Do Kids Understand About Grief?

Children and adolescents will need help understanding death and grief, This help will come from parents, caregivers, family members, friends, teachers and other supportive caring adults. Adults providing support for a grieving child should provide safe places for him or her to grieve. Youth need acceptance from adults of their unique grief journey in a nonjudgmental way. Sensitive and supporting adults will help kids understand that his or her grief is a journey and not a one-time or short duration event. Continue reading

Efficient Ways To Deal With Your Grief

There are no magical methods or definitive answers on how to deal with grief. However, with each other’s experience from grief healing, it is possible to help each other in those times when we are having a difficult time. Here are some of the Practical Ways To Deal With Your Grief.

Try not to isolate yourself from anyone because if you do, you will face depression, which may get too extreme for you to handle. Seek the company of other family members who share your pain. Sit and talk about your loved one and make sure you include the good memories that will put a smile on your face. Continue reading

How Learn to say No can help heal grief

Learn to say No? This tends to be especially difficult for women but can be challenging for all.  Grief is exhausting.  Healing from grief consumes a huge amount of emotional, mental, and physical energy.  There may be some things that have to do be done and can’t be put off until we work through the grieving process – going to work, taking care of children or pets, paying the bills, looking for new work, legal and practical decisions (especially after a death or divorce), etc.  However, there are many things we can say no to for a while. Continue reading